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The AYA provides several online services that offer ways to reach alumni instantly and at minimal cost.



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Sample By-Laws

Sample By-Laws (Yale Club of New Haven)
Sample By-Laws (Yale Club of the Suncoast)
Sample By-Laws (Yale Club of Boston)

Sample Mission Statements

YC Chapel Hill To assist Yale, as best we are able, to remain one of the great universities in the world. To assist North Carolinians in obtaining a Yale education. To provide for Yale graduates a measure of the Yale culture of fellowship, learning, service and enjoyment of life.

Club Organization and Structure

Here you will find official club documents and information and club officer duties



Board Committee Structure Diagram (Yale Alumni Association of the Northwest)


Alumni Demographics


How many alumni, parents, and widows are in your area?

Domestic Clubs/Associations - view demographics by club region

International Clubs/Associations - view demographics by country






Mobilizing Active Members for Leadership Positions

  1. Define what you expect in terms of participation and leadership roles.
    • Meetings, projects and committee participation - required, desired?
    • Specific hours?
    • Specific programs?

  2. Consider establishing volunteer job descriptions. Think about:
    • Both continuous, on-going assignments and also short-term and one-time work projects.
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