Camp Bulldog


Professional camp and child care program for children ages 4 months to entering 8th grade

Reunion child care services will be provided by Bright Horizons Family Solutions in the Payne Whitney Gym, including the Lanman Center and Lee Amphitheater.  In previous years, this popular program has been filled to capacity, so reserve early!  Children will be divided into four groups in separate areas of the gym: infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-aged children, as described below.


Infant Care: 4– through 18–month–old campers
We will read books, sing songs, and introduce your infant to age-appropriate play structures, toys, and sensory materials. Our professional caregivers will make your infant feel safe and secure. Infants will be kept on their own schedules as much as possible. Parents are asked to provide food, bottles, diapers, and a blanket for each child. All other equipment and supplies will be provided by Camp Bulldog.

Toddlers: 18– through 36–month–old campers
Toddlers will play with blocks, create artwork, do messy sensory activities, and listen to music. There will be plenty of laps for sitting on and listening to stories, as well as a variety of learning activities to encourage creative expression and exploration. Quiet, restful periods will also be scheduled throughout the weekend. Parents are asked to provide a change of clothes, diapers, bottles if necessary, and a blanket.

Preschool: 3–year–olds through children entering kindergarten
Curiosity and creative thinking will be encouraged through self-directed or group activities. Your child will choose from dramatic play, movement and music activities, messy masterpieces, story-telling, and science. Preschoolers must bring a change of clothes and a blanket for rest time.


Campers entering 1st through 8th grade
Our program for school-aged children will provide fun-filled activities to suit every child's interest. The program is divided into younger and older age groups to ensure that everyone stays well within their comfort zone! For siblings enrolled in the school-aged program, rest assured that they will have plenty of opportunities to touch base with each other throughout the day and evening hours–as much as they would like! Children will be able to choose from a variety of events and activities throughout the weekend that include:

Sports & Court Games  such as gymnastics, basketball, soccer, hockey and some tried and true good old fashioned schoolyard games. Tell them to wear their sneakers and get ready for some fun!

Arts & Crafts Activities where children can create messy masterpieces, artful collages of beautiful junk, or something to wear to dinner that night.

Favorite Board Games, Puzzle Challenges & Zany Brainy Games like Jeopardy, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, Name That Tune, and Password that will have them scratching their heads and busting their brains!

Song & Dance Activities like lip-synching, hip hop & swing dancing demonstrations, jump roping and a Saturday Night Talent Show sure to bring out the performer in everyone!

Camp Bulldog Olympic Games on Saturday morning, a decathlon of events that will playfully test physical and mental prowess!

Special Activities for Teens (campers entering 7th and 8th grades)
Older campers will participate in scheduled and "down time" activities with their peers such as the ones listed above as well as activities exclusively for teens and led by teens-dedicated staff. Activities include friendly competition in sports, contests and board games, and creating a relaxed and friendly social setting for teens to hang out, listen to music, play games and have fun. (Please note: while we know teens like to be responsible for themselves, a parent or legal guardian will be required to check their teen in and out of the Camp Bulldog program each time. Teens may not come and go on their own.)

All that and more! Join us! We'll have a ball….


Space is Limited.  Pre-Registration Required.

Payne Whitney Gym, including the Lanman Center and Lee Amphitheater. Each group has its own location in the gym.

4 pm–11:30 pm, Friday and Saturday nights, as well as 8:30 am –12 noon on Saturday. The sign-in/sign-out desk will be open all day. We hope children will attend entire sessions, but they can join in at any time. We ask that each child be checked in and out by their own parent or legal guardian.

The Camp Bulldog registration fee is $90 per child for full or partial attendance. Please include payment with your other reunion fees on your Class reunion registration.

Two age-appropriate dinners are included and will be served at 6 pm each evening. A nutritious morning snack will be offered. Water and juices will be available throughout the day. (Parents are asked to supply food and bottles for their infants up to 18 months of age.) Please note any food allergies or special needs your child has on your registration form.

Professionally trained staff from Bright Horizons Family Solutions and Creative Movement & Arts Center will be supplemented by Yale undergraduate students. Many of the on-site individuals have First Aid and CPR training.

We will use cell phones and pagers to reach you in case there is an emergency with your child during the weekend. If you have a cell phone or pager, please bring it with you for this purpose. We will supply pagers for loan, should you need one. Please indicate your needs on the registration form.

SPACE IS LIMITED FOR THIS PROGRAM!  In previous years, this popular program has been filled to capacity in advance of the reunion weekend. You must pre-register for your child to attend Camp Bulldog. Within two weeks of receipt of your registration, you will receive a confirmation of your child's registration. Spaces will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bright Horizons Family Solutions
Since 1999, reunion child care services have been provided by Bright Horizons Family Solutions, the nation's leading provider of work-site child care, early education, and work/life solutions. They operate more than 600 child care centers across the U.S., in Europe, and Canada and serve 700 clients worldwide. Roger Brown and Linda Mason, co-founders of Bright Horizons, are graduates of Yale School of Management. Visit them at

Creative Movement & Arts Center (CMAC)
The Creative Movement & Arts Center, a wholly–owned subsidiary of Bright Horizons Family Solutions, has designed the weekend's school-age program. For over twenty years the CMAC has been an innovative leader in early childhood education in the Greater Boston area. Some of the many early childhood education programs they deliver include classes in art, music, dance, gymnastics, sports skills, language, and enrichment. Visit them by going to


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For Child Care Program or General Questions
Jodi Chevarella at (203) 606-0523.

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Jim Moonan,

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