Alumni Awards and Recognition

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The Association of Yale Alumni applauds the outstanding dedication and accomplishments of Yale’s many volunteers. Volunteers - both alumni and faculty - give of their time and their talent in so many ways, demonstrating that the best of Yale can be the best for Yale.

While Yale volunteering - whether as a faculty speaker for alumni programs, or for your Yale College Class, regional club, graduate or professional school association, shared interest group or other group - is its own reward, the Yale Alumni Association seeks to honor and recognize those individuals and alumni group whose service stands out.


Yale Medal - Yale’s highest honor for individual service

AYA Leadership Awards for Volunteer Innovation and Service for outstanding individual service to the Yale Alumni Association

AYA Board of Governors Excellence Awards for superior accomplishment among AYA-affiliated alumni associations

Howard R. Lamar Faculty Award for service to alumni

Yale College Class Awards - awarded by class leadership for distinguished service